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Graduate Student: Highly motivated students are encouraged to contact Dr. Xiaojun Tian. Now we can support one more Ph.D. student. Our lab is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative. Students with a background either in biology, bioengineering, physics, biophysics, bioinformatics, or mathematics are especially welcome.

You can choose one of the following two PH. D. programs at ASU. It is highly recommended to contact before applying.

Biomedical Engineering

 Biological Design

This graduate admissions checklist:



Postdoctoral Fellow: Please contact Dr. Xiaojun Tian for the opening opportunities. The applicant should either have extensive research experience in building mathematical models for biological problems, or have strong experimental records on molecular biology, synthetic biology with a solid cell culturing and cell biology techniques such as qPCR, flow cytometry, cloning, and microscopy.

Undergraduate students are also welcome to gain research experience in quantitative systems biology.