December 2018

Xiaojun gives a talk at the Mayo Clinic Symposium on Regenerative Medicine & Surgery 2018.


November 2018

Jin Wang from Stony Brook Univ. visit our lab.


October 2018

Xiaojun gave a poster at the Inaugural Cell Fate Symposium, UC, Irvine.


September 2018

I am serving as a guest editor for a special issue on a special issue on “Mathematical Modeling of Cell Fate Decision-Making, Predicting and Controlling”, which will be published in the journal Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. This special issue intends to focus on the mathematical model developments and theoretical analysis for biological systems with an emphasis on work related to cell fate decisions. The work should have a strong connection with biology. Experimental verification is appreciated but not required. More information can be found HERE.

September 2018

Jiao Li joins our lab. Welcome, Jiao!


August 2018

Hanah, Dashan, Juan, Renaad join our lab. Welcome, everyone!


July 2018

Luonan Chen Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences visit our lab during the HOT summer.


June 2018

James Collins and Tom Ellis visits our lab.


June 2018

Xiaojun gives a poster at the 2018 Synthetic Biology SEED conference at Scottsdale AZ.



April 2018

The predictions about the partial EMT states with our first mathematical model for EMT in 2013 (PMID: 23972859) is now verified in vivo (PMID: 29670281). It is noted that in 2014 we verified our prediction in cell line MCF10A (PMID: 25270257). It is so amazing that we have several partial EMT states in cancer metastasis in vivo (PMID: 29670281). It is also noted that the idea of partial EMT also helped to resolve the debate of contribution of EMT on renal fibrosis (PMID: 26236989, 26236991). It is such a pleasure that all of these great research works cited our papers as our contribution to the idea of partial EMT. 


April 2018

Xiaojun’s collaborative work with Jingyu Zhang and Jianhua Xing is accepted by npj Systems Biology and Applications. Congratulations!!

April 2018

Rong Zhang joins our lab as a Lab Technician!  Welcome, Dr. Zhang.

March 2018

Fei Ye joins our lab as a visiting scholar!  Welcome, Prof. Fei Ye.

February 2018

Xiaojun gives a talk at Math Bio Seminar.

January 2018

Xiaojun gives proseminar for Biological Design doctoral students.

January 2018

Manuela Vanegas Ferro, Erin Sussex, and Anna Rothweil join our lab! Welcome, Manuela, Erin, and Anna.

December 2017

Xiaojun gives three posters at the 8th International Meeting on Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition @ Houston, TX.

November 2017

Xiaojun gives a talk at the BME 591 Seminar.

October 2017

Xiaojun gives a poster presentation at the Mayo Clinic / ASU Symposium.

September 2017

Jason Zhang joins our lab!  Welcome, Jason.

September 2017

Zhiwei Yang joins our lab!  Welcome, Zhiwei.

September 2017

Xiaojun gives a talk at the joint group meeting with Prof. Junwen Wang’s lab.

August 2017

Xiaojun arrives at campus on August 13.

August 2017

Xiaojun gives a talk at the 2017 International Conference on Systems Biology in Blacksburg, Virginia on August 6-12.

August 2017

The Tian Laboratory at the Arizona State University is launched. We’re currently looking for motivated graduate students and postdocs. Join us!

April 2017

Xiaojun accepts a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at the Arizona State University.